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FaithX blends Christian live worship, inspiring faith stories from the marketplace, good food, prayer and fellowship. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that celebrates

Faith x {Food, Music, Entertainment, Tech}

9am-130pm , Sat, 21 Sep

The Mason's Table

23A Coleman Street

Singapore 179806

Why FaithX?

Culture Shaping

Food, music, entertainment and tech (FMET) are the major forces that determine our culture.

How do we steward them to shape culture that is very good and glorifies God?

And God saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good - Genesis 1:31

Our mission is to shape and create culture that is very good,

where faith is lovingly and intentionally integrated with work,

focusing on industries with a disproportionate influence on today’s culture


Meet the speakers, panelists & moderators for the day

More speakers to be added!



0900-0915 - Doors open and free coffee

0915-0930 - Opening & Prayer

0930-0950 - Worship Set 1

0950-1035 - Faith Story/ Panel 1 = Faith x Music, Media & Entertainment

1035-1045 - Reflection

1045-1105 - Worship Set 2

1105-1150 - Faith Story/ Panel 2 = Faith x Food

1150-1200 - Reflection

1200 -1245 - Faith Story/ Panel 3 = Faith x Tech

1245-1255 - Reflection

1255-1315 - Worship Set 3

1315-1330 - Closing & Prayer

Light buffet lunch included in ticket price

@The Mason's Table | 23A Coleman Street | Singapore 179806


Our Story

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We are a group of brothers and sisters from diverse backgrounds, organizations and industries who desire to serve God more in the marketplace. 

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets are at a subsidized cost of S$30 each and includes lunch

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